Natura houses the young prodigy Yinu, a 9 year old pianist and the 3rd most popular NSR artist. Naruta is full of branching paths, with 3 directions splitting off from the entrance. The path heading straight passes over two bridges and under two gazebo looking things. To the right leads to a large stone bridge, and at the end there is a small dead end branching off to the right, the left leads back to the main path. From the left of the entrance, a winding path leads to a circular tower with water pouring off of it with a lvl 1 gate leading to an upper area wile a straight path leads to another circular tower and meets back up with the main path. The lvl 1 gate opens up to a gently curving path that ends on top of the tall tower.
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 9
  • Position: Charter of Natura District
  • Genre: Neoclassical
  • Instrument of Choice: White Bloom Pianoform
Yinu is a highly acclaimed pianist prodigy. A fitting Charter for the more sophisticated crowd at Natura. While often seen as cute and innocent by the public, she can be bratty at times due to her young age.
Yinu may be a kid but make no mistake, behind the piano she is unstoppable. The best option is to remove the piano from her hands and victory will be ours.