Metro Division
Metro Division is bright, flashy, and militaristic in style. It's home to 1010, the robotic boyband created and managed by Neon J, the cyborg war vet. It has many branching paths that can be slightly difficult to navigate. There is a small divot to the right from the entrance, and to the left there is a lvl 1 gate that opens into the building Balastik Club. Going through the building you can access a small dead end with a little cleaning robot, and exiting through the other entrance leads you back to the main path. If you continue on straight from there, passing the lvl 3 trumpet foutain, you can find a small path leading to a roller coaster. Back on the main path, you pass a carousel with a small looping walkway around it before exiting to the next district.
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: -
  • Position: Charter of Metro Division District
  • Genre: Funky House
  • Instrument of Choice: 1010 dance routines
1010 (pronounced Ten-Ten) is a line of handsome robots claiming to be a boy band. The handsome robot's catchy tunes and stylish dances made them super popular among the young and hip crowd. The manager and the man behind 1010 is a cyborg named Neon J. He used to serve as a captain of a cruiser during the Border Wars.
Neon J has a flying factory that manufactures the members of 1010. If we want to put a stop to the boy band then we must bring down the factory. But be ready for a fight because Neon J is a war vet.