Dream Fever
Dream Fever is an eccentric district full of strange art and eye imagry, the brainchild of it's Charter, Eve. There are multiple buildings and divots you can traverse through, looping around on itself in slightly confusing ways. If you head to the left from the entrance at Metro Division,you can enter a building labled Dream Residence after paying 50 Qwasas to open the door, leading to a dead end that just has fan art in it. Leaving it and continuing down the path, you can enter a building on the right after paying to open the door again, following the path will lead you to an elevator with 3 stops. Back on the main path, before the path to NSR tower, you can go to the left and enter Hertz Gallery, afterwards entering Arca Visual Studio as well.
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 27
  • Position: Charter of Dream Fever District
  • Genre: Psydub
  • Instrument of Choice: Body and mind
Eve, the most prestigious artist of NSR. She rules the biggest ring district for a reason; her level of creativity is leauges beyond the other members. As NSR's first artist, she helped to put the record label on the map which leads to NSR's eventual rule of Vinyl City. However, she can be a little difficult to get along with due to her eccentric personality.
Eve's state of mind is exceptionally dangerous. Do not panic if she starts to distort your perception. Remain calm and adapt. Once you have figured out her gimmick, then winning is surely a possibility.