This district stars the virtual idol Sayu, the mermaid. The path is a straight shot to the next zone, with a longer winding path branching off to the right. There are multiple television screens advertising a snack and many, MANY glowing lights and high tech decor reminicent of a stylyized Tokyo square.
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 16
  • Position: Charter of Akusuka District
  • Genre: Cutecore
  • Instrument of Choice: Pyun Pyun Trident
Sayu is an unusual artist. She's a digital character in the form of a singing mermaid. Due to her cute and bubbly character, she's highly popular among the geek community. She was designed by four young creatives. They are: - Remi (character designer and team leader) - Tila (composer) - Dodo (animator) - Sofa (video editor)
Sayu is remotely controlled by her creators. Each member handles a specific portion of Sayu, giving her unique abilities based on their specialties. The only way to contest her is to cut the connection between Sayu and her creators. Only then will we have a fighting chance to beat the digital idol.