NSR Tower
NSR Tower is a large, imposing structure adorned with hourglasses and gears by the base, with a lighthouse at the very top. It is the workplace of Tatiana, the leader of NSR and the most powerful Charter of them all. There are also a small array of shops lining the foundational ring it stands on. If you go to the right you can activate a lvl 3 gate to get to the backside of the tower.
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 48
  • Position: CEO of NSR, Prime Charter of Vinyl City
  • Genre: Unknown
  • Instrument of Choice: Unknown
Tatiana, the big boss of NSR and the root of all our problems. Adamantly believes that Vinyl City can only thrive with EDM and nothing else. This city deserves a better leadership. It's time we remove NSR once and for all.
Tatiana has years of experience in the music industry which gives her leverage in terms of anticipating her opponent's movements. You first need to expose her vulnerability, and then use her memory fragments against her. Nothing else matters now. Defeat her. End her for good.