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What is No Straight Roads?
No Straight Roads is an action-adventure rhythm game developed by Metronomik, a Malaysain company, and published by Sold Out Ltd. You play as Mayday and Zuke, an indie rock duo going by the band name Bunk Bed Junction as they battle the NSR Corporation and their EDM artists to free Vinyl City from their oppressive control. There are two versions of the game, with the Encore Edition being the definitive edition and the one discussed in this shrine page.
Action-adventure rhythm game?
Yes! Every enemy and boss fights in time to the beat of the music. You can run around and hit them freely off-beat, but if you take the time to parry special pink attacks back in time to the beat, you'll deal bonus damage. As the game progresses and you tackle the bosses at harder difficulties, fighting in time to beat becomes more and more necessary, and with certain modes such as perfect parry, becomes mandatory.
Where can I get it?
It is available for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. I HIGHLY RECOMEND purchasing the Encore Edition exclusive to Steam on Windows for the most enjoyable gameplay experience. The base game can be quite buggy, and the Switch edition specifically has major issues rendering the game. The Encore Edition fixes many of the bugs, adds quality of life changes, new remixes, and over 500 peices of fanart scattered around the world map for you to collect. Small bonus about the fanart, I remember when the artists were posting their submissions, and while I never submitted one myself, I reblogged a few of them on my Tumblr which I will try to find and link back to further in the shrine.
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