1. Scourge and Tigerstar, Thanks for the memories: One day i listened to this on repeat over 300 times.

  2. Scourge AMV-I Hate Everything About You: Again, i listened to this hundreds of time in one day.

  3. Scourge-Animal I Have Become: You can probably see a pattern forming by now.

  4. Scourge's Riot: Emo kid hours.

  5. Jayfeather | Blue Lips: I watched this video BEFORE i saw the homestuck one, so this song is associated with jayfeather in my head and not equius.

  6. Lionblaze - i can walk on water i can fly: I remember being very embarrased that i liked this song, idk why tho.

  7. Squirrelflight's badboy: Cascada fucks.

  8. Warrior Cats- Castle in the Sky: I spent hours trying to find out who made this song, I think it's a dude called DJ Satomi but like this is a unique nightcore remix.