1. AJR - World's Smallest Violin: Recently discovered their music tho i swear ive heard some of their songs before, they're funky i like em.

  2. SAINT MOTEL - You're Nobody Till Somebody Wants You Dead: Funky.

  3. The Killers - When You Were Young: I call this band Mr Brightside way too much.

  4. Britney Spears - Toxic: Do i even need to explain this

  5. CASCADA - Everytime We Touch: I went to a wedding recently and the playlist was like generic wedding shit but then this song came on and i lost my goddman mind i could NOT fucking BELIEVE they had an actual banger on the playlist.

  6. Panic! at the Disco - Turn Off the Lights: This is my favourite song and i like to gloat because it was a preorder bonus for the Vices and Virtues album so its not on spotify. Youtube to Mp3 supremacy.