Straight rip from the post, make it better, add link to post, i use this and it works very well, some songs arent on it so i still use youtube to mp3 things but also it sometimes logs you out after a long time or maybe its an update so you have to find your arl again but it's really only like 5 min wasted its fine

Streaming music sucks, companies can decide to remove songs on a whim and you have no way of keeping it, so here's a guide on how to download almost any song in great quality with album art and everything.

1. Sign up for a free Deezer account.

1.5. Download Pythonpython if you don't already have it.

2. Download Deemix-Pyweb for your OS. If this link breaks, r/deemix will have a working one.

3. Extract the zip, launch Deemix-Pyweb.exe, and then click on settings.

4. You will need to log in with your Deezer ARL, in order to get this, log into Deezer in your web browser and then right click the page. In the little window that pops up, click the Inspect option. A window full of information will pop up, look at the top and click on the tab that says Storage. You will then see a table of items, locate the one named ARL and copy the long string of numbers. Paste it into the login box on Deemix and log in.

Once logged in, you can download multiple songs, albums, playlists, and entire artist's catalogs at the same time. You can also convert spotify playlists into deezer ones inside the application. Fair warning, some songs may not be available so you might have to resort the the good ol youtube to mp3.